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Coupons Wanted
Below is a list of coupons that members are looking for. Review the list to see which types
of coupons you have that others want. Click a column heading to sort on that column.

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Category Qty Want Entered Name
Charmin Coupons
Household 1 Normal Sep-05-17 dellsamom
Tide Coupons
Laundry 1 Normal Sep-05-17 dellsamom
John cena
Clothes 1 Low Aug-29-17 Ryan
bathroom items that are cruelty free
Personal Care 4 Normal Aug-06-17 lets_trade1
target, Ralph's, sprouts or Whole Foods
Food 10 Normal Aug-06-17 lets_trade1
dog food coupons; dog related items
Pets 1 Normal Aug-03-17 WandaCares
Personal Care 3 Extreme Jul-15-17 DonnaSko
Wet n wild nail polish
Personal Care 1 High Jun-28-17 Roni20
Enfamil coupons/Checks
Baby 5 High May-16-17 Pflugerville
Frozen Veggies
Food 5 High Apr-02-17 Chloepatra
Any Produce from Kroger
Food 5 Normal Apr-02-17 Chloepatra
Almond or Almond Coconut Milk
Beverages 5 High Apr-02-17 Chloepatra
Any snacks or crackers
Food 3 Normal Mar-28-17 Taylorg
Beverages 3 Normal Mar-28-17 Taylorg
eight O'clock coffee
Beverages 1 Normal Mar-08-17 AKmustang
JIF peanut butter
Food 1 Normal Mar-08-17 AKmustang
walmart gift card
Other 1 Normal Mar-07-17 chansethebos
Any Marshmellows
Food 1 Normal Jan-26-17 Stakie
ANY Heavy whipping cream
Food 1 Normal Jan-26-17 Stakie
Kotex U (Any pads or tampons)
Personal Care 1 Normal Jan-26-17 Stakie
Swifter pads (Any)
Other 1 Normal Jan-26-17 Stakie
Air Wick (Wall plug in scents)
Household 1 Normal Jan-26-17 Stakie
Any Gain
Laundry 1 Normal Jan-26-17 Stakie
Head and shoulders
Personal Care 1 Normal Jan-26-17 Stakie
Any Yoplait
Food 1 Normal Jan-26-17 Stakie
Restaurant discounts or savings
Food 100 High Jan-23-17 Fel
Nutella breadsticks
Food 4 High Jan-09-17 fiveoconnors
all kinds
Food 3 Extreme Dec-07-16 debbie21
Kroger coupons
Other 10 High Sep-07-16 Candy
Cereal, rice, Pepsi, sweet tea, frozen chicken, soups, jimmy deans sausage biscuits,
Food 10 High Sep-07-16 Candy
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