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Coupons Wanted
Below is a list of coupons that members are looking for. Review the list to see which types
of coupons you have that others want. Click a column heading to sort on that column.

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Category Qty Want Entered Name
Costco $40 off $250 Online Coupon
Household 1 Normal Nov-23-20 RaKh
Baby 5 Normal Sep-16-20 Jayne
Darigold Fit 59oz & 14oz
Food 10 Normal Sep-13-20 Marites
$1.50/2 BIC stationery items
Other 20 Extreme Aug-09-20 pcothran
Mucinex dm
Health 10 Extreme Oct-25-18 Lulu
Laundry 20 Normal Oct-25-18 Lulu
Body wash
Personal Care 10 Normal Oct-25-18 Lulu
Axe deoderant
Personal Care 1 Normal Oct-23-18 Missruthie
Baby 1 Normal Oct-23-18 Missruthie
Baby 1 Normal Oct-23-18 Missruthie
Baby 1 Normal Oct-23-18 Missruthie
Eight o clock coffee
Beverages 1 Normal Oct-23-18 Missruthie
Food 1 High Oct-04-18 susyus02
Maruchan/yakisoba noodles
Food 20 Normal Sep-21-18 miho
Baby 1 Extreme Sep-21-18 Katie2240
Diapers Pampers
Baby 1 Extreme Jul-27-18 James
Marlboro cigarettes
Other 10 Normal Jul-27-18 James
Similac formula
Baby 10 Extreme Jul-27-18 James
hunt's snack pack pudding
Food 8 Normal Jan-22-18 lovetosave27
$1.50/1 Ninno thin addictives from 10/22 SS X12/22
Food 10 Normal Nov-17-17 cpnmaniac
Huggies diapers
Baby 1 Normal Nov-15-17 PollyW
Dasani Water
Beverages 1 Normal Nov-15-17 PollyW
Kibbles and Bits Dog food
Pets 1 Normal Nov-15-17 PollyW
Purex Laundry Detergent
Laundry 1 Normal Nov-15-17 PollyW
Charmin Coupons
Household 1 Normal Sep-05-17 dellsamom
Tide Coupons
Laundry 1 Normal Sep-05-17 dellsamom
John cena
Clothes 1 Low Aug-29-17 Ryan
bathroom items that are cruelty free
Personal Care 4 Normal Aug-06-17 lets_trade1
target, Ralph's, sprouts or Whole Foods
Food 10 Normal Aug-06-17 lets_trade1
dog food coupons; dog related items
Pets 1 Normal Aug-03-17 WandaCares
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